Hokey Pokey Fundraising
Want yourself and your kids to feel good about fundraising by selling healthy snacks like nuts and trail mixes? If so, you must try these delicious snacks and treats from the master food maker, Midwest/Northern.
Pricing & Profits Information
Minimum Purchase (Retail)
Profit Percentage
7 Different Brochures to Choose From!
"Fun Food for Fundraising"
14 Gourmet Snacks
All Items Retail for $6.
Gourmet Snacks
"Indulge Your Healthy Side"
14 Healthy Snacks
All Items Retail for $6.
"Gourmet Caramel Corns"
Same 10 Items on each Brochure - 3 Sizes!
Caramel Popcorn
"Home Sweet Home"
10 Items
All Items Retail for $10.
Home Sweet Home
"Sweet & Savory"
10 Items
All Items Retail for $10
Sweet and Savory
"Sugar & Spice "
34 Items
Retail for $9 to $18.
Sugar and Spice
"Entertain Your
Heart & Home"
38 Items
Retail for $9 to $18.

Hokey Pokey Nuts and Snacks

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